What We Do

Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to enjoy the minimum standards of comfort and happiness, though for those with severe disability these are often not easily achieved. The financial, physical and emotional cost to them and their families is enormous and any help we can give will often be life changing, and always gratefully received.

The Elifar Foundation is a small charity which helps to improve the lives of children and young adults with severe learning difficulty and associated physical disability. We provide grants for a variety of items including electronic wheelchairs, specialised seating, eating aids, special beds and trikes, hoists, communication devices, sensory equipment and specialist holidays. The intense challenge of daily management at home usually means that a grant will enhance life for the rest of the family too.

A large number of people with severe neurological disability are children and young adults; so the majority of the applications received by the charity are on behalf of the young. The trustees are all busy professional people and include a parent of two severely disabled children. Costs are kept to a minimum and the charity is run almost entirely by volunteers.

The Elifar Foundation relies entirely on independent donations and fundraising and enjoys the support of many individuals and companies, particularly within the UK retail property industry. Take a look at the types of grant we make and at the range of individuals and organisations who work hard to raise funds to make our grants possible.

Elifar Foundation Limited is a Private Limited Company.
Company no: 8532341 Charity no: 1152416